16 Şubat 2015 Pazartesi

Cehaletin tek korkusu kadındır! (The only fear of ignorance is woman!)

The only fear of ignorance is woman. Because if she learns, she teaches her children.


Especially the ignorance in the middle East comes from the ignorance of women.

In the middle East, women are not counted as people. They do not have education.

If you look clearly on that side, you will see pure ignorance....

3 Mayıs 2014 Cumartesi



ZEUS:  “Human has never managed sex. Male one has gone inside and outside then laid down like an animal. Female one has guessed opening her legs is a big deal first, then it has been a duty for herself.”

Marilyn Monroe: “Sex is too natural. But making love touches to soul.”

Omar Khayyam: “Neither he can love nor he can make love. He thinks  being selfish is to love and touching to skin is to make love.  And both man and woman have never understood falling in love.”

Leonardo da Vinci: “If experiences maintenir with a lover woman both sex and knowing each other brings virtue.”

Neyzen Tevfik: “Do not look at me masters. I do not care love. I fuck anyone who wants or not.”

Charles Bukowski: “Lets toast to sex which is made just now all over the world also to my sad bitches.”

Sokrates: “The most vivid pleasure is wanted the most violent.”

Sigmund Freud: “A woman can have a large number of orgasms according to a man.”

Kasanova: “Women love the men who make them laugh and talk.”

Nietzsche: “If you visit a woman, remember to take your whip.”

Afroditte: “The average duration of foreplay of  men is one and half minutes”

Mata Harri: “The men are curious and explorers. So they would like to discover the women.”

Cleopatra: “Men were presented us as gifts.”

Sappho: “Pleasures are unlimited.”
Duygu Asena: “Male-dominated societie divides women two parts. Easy or hard.”

Temel: “Oh my god! You think too detailed! Only make love and have pleasure. That’s it!”

5 Nisan 2014 Cumartesi


Azaleas women are the most productive people on the world. The exact meaning of the word they make the mountain of a molehill positively.

Whatever you give her, she makes it much more than you gave.  They are the women who changes liking to love, joy to happiness, pleasure to enthusiasm. For example if you give them a recipe, you will eat it in the same evening.  They are fertile about any topic. Actually they want to have babies more than two. They can be pregnant easily. Sometimes they have twins.

On the other hand they are very talkative almost are said chatterbox.  

3 Nisan 2014 Perşembe


No one thinks that these two are connected each other. But it is.
First read! Then you’ll see the connection between them even relationship :)
 As you know cellulite is generally seen on women bodies. Many of them make it problem in their mind especially who care about their appearance. Actually it is really problem both for health and view of body.
Models, actress and the women of polite society can try to solve this problem by surgery. All over the world nobody knows that cellulite can not be on a woman's body that has a good sex life with his sex partner.
If the man knows making love well, he strokes his woman’s hips little bit sharply, without giving much pain. But he always should do that when they make love. It must be regularly. So… It works and woman’s body beats the cellulite.
A lot of things about human life related with sex. But few of them realize it, many of them even can not think. Also in many society speaking about sex is banned also shame of them. Poor people…

25 Mart 2014 Salı


They are the women who turn over their faces to illumination. They are as bright as wisdom of the universe. Also this illumination of them does not come from their education life. It comes from directly inside of them.
They are giver, adviser, and philosopher. But their number is very low on the world.
Their special features are like these:
They do not want to be in the crowded. They like rural areas or country sides.
They are creative. Even if they had not had any education, they could get an innovation at least in their own life.
They can be both an artist or a musician or a writer. They are absolutely interested in either art or science. They are really good readers. They always want to solve the main idea of the life.
They are light and lighten everyone around them.


I am funny. What kind of question is this? :)
It is easy to answer. First of all it is necessary to continuity for new generation. Also it is instinctive.
Never mind basic information. The most important thing is to know why it is necessary except instinctive.

First it is really vital to make love if you live in cold area. For example you are in poles or you are at the top of the mountains or you are under the snows, you have to make love. Because when you start to make love your body temperature will be higher and you will survive. That’s why is vital. :)

Secondly it is necessary to have enthusiasm for life. If a woman has a good sex life, she gives her partner much more happiness than he expects. In my country it is said that a woman who had a nice sex on that night, she swept all gardens in the street. Because of her orgasm feelings. It is the same as for men too.
It is not the same as for men. Because men are keen on sex much more than women. So as a woman if you want them to make something, you can use your sex power on them. :)

Now we will talk about its serious part which is scientific.
As you know our brain is connected with our emotions. When we feel happy our hormones level changes. If our hormones level changes, we feel happy. It means they depend on each other. So having sex is good. :) 

But there is a condition: First you have to have a partner :))))


Oh my God!
They are unbelievable!
They are the women who are desired by everyone!
Mothers wish them to have a daughter who listens what she says.
Teachers require them to have a student who is a good girl.
Men desire them to have a woman who does not complaint from anything.
Because roses are brilliant women for everyone.
She is a good girl for her family because she has ambitious enough to be successful in her school and business life.
She is a perfect woman for her husband / boy friend because she knows to cook and to arrange daily life. On the other hand she is good at sex. She is hot, she is open to try new way to have and give sexy pleasures.
First of all they like wearing expensive and fashionable clothes. Wherever you see a well-dressed woman you can suspect that she may be a rose. 
You never see them in an untidy situation. They act in a plan.
They always smell good it means they like perfume. Also their perfumes are intense. If you get on an elevator and you smell a nice perfume in a big possibility there would be a rose before you in.
They are not good speaker but their look effect people around them. 
They are not good at maths or mathematical classes. 
Everything about them depend on their appearances. 
They are beautiful and they are aware of it.